Hey, I'm Adrian Barrin, and I help creatives like you to use their superpower - their unique gifts - to dominate their niche and make a difference.

If you've never been told this before, let me be the first - WINNING MATTERS.

I'm here to give you permission to go ALL-IN on you. Go all-in on your life and dreams. Because, if you don't no one else will.

Yes, it won't be easy - nothing easy is ever worth doing. But, IT'S WORTH IT!

I believe that we all are born with unlimited potential - we all can be do and achieve anything we want in life.

But, most of the time, the PROBLEM is exposure.

Exposure is a big reason I'm where I am today. If it wasn't for the unfortunate financial situation of my family, I would have never had the opportunity to be exposed to an environment that changed the trajection of my life.

In my teenage years, my family and I became homeless - and the next best option was for us to move into a homeless shelter in the town over. And although this was a huge fall at the time, it turned out to be one of my life's biggest blessing.

It took me out of the hood and exposed me to a culture that was completely distant to me. I went from a 95% predominately black school, to a 95% predominately white school.

This exposure changed everything!

Looking back, I came to realize that the reason my original community was so far behind on the economic scale was because our environment just didn't show us a possibility.

Everything around us spoke normal... everything around us spoke average and stability (TV, school, community, etc). But, something inside me keeps pushing me for more.

Most people would say that I've made it once I landed a job in a prestigious trading firm on Wall Street - literally, I worked on the trading floor, where people around me were making millions a year.

But, I hated being like everyone else - I've always naturally been a rebel. I'm the kind of person that if something bothers me, I'm willing to sacrifice everything to fulfill it... So, I left.

And that's when I discovered marketing. I realized that if you can master marketing, you can change anyone's life! Literally, you can take a person from point A and strategically bring them to point Z.

So, this is my long way of telling you this...

My mission and goal is to serve and guide as many people as possible to their point Z.

But it starts with you... YOU have to want it.

I can show you and teach you everything but if you don't commit to your calling (and NEVER give up), then it will elude you.

Trust me, I've been taken off my game sooo many times, but my passion, desire, and dream kept pulling me back. You have to follow the signs the universe lays out for you, AND FOR YOU this is one of them.

In my courses and training, I will show you how to do it. I will teach you all the discoveries I've found along my way of marketing mastery. But, it's up to you to put in the work.

I believe in you and will do everything I can to set you up for success.

- Adrian

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With the right tools, you can have do and be anything you want in life. My mission is to give you these tools and add as much value to you as possible.